Project 4000 – KEEPING IT A MILLI IN THE 4000

Iceblocks and Insight by Matt
October 15, 2009, 2:26 pm
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It’s a beautiful day here in South-East Queensland and I’m sitting infront of the computer writing about hiking boots? Oh my…


As I sit here eating a Zooper Dooper ice-block so old it has crystalised into something akin to crushed ice, I have been thinking about what a ‘collaboration’ has become in the sneaker world. In years passed just being asked by one of the large manufacturers to have your name on a famous silhouette made collaborators and buyers freak out. Nowadays the sheer saturation of this type of stuff has meant that ‘collaborations’ are now a mainstay of any company’s seasonal line.

Most of the time the companies use the name of a well known brand or store to launch a new silhouette from the archives or they let them have their ways with a popular shoe everyone is familiar with. These ‘collaborations’ usually feature little more than a colour make up and a name printed on them. Which begs the question, is it even a collaboration?

Ransom teamed up with adidas to create something that takes the term “collaboration” and applies it in its truest sense. The Ransom x adidas footwear collection introduces 3 new silhouettes that were created by the 2 parties involved. Centering around an outdoor theme the guys created something refreshingly simple, yet at the same time unique.

Now I know you can say that each shoe has clear inspiration, but what doesn’t these days? If you were to sit down and design your own shoe, be it a runner, a (cringe) moccasin or whatever it is going to ultimately be inspired by something. The point I’m trying to make is that these guys are doing something that many people don’t have the balls to do/allow, they’re creating their own footwear in collaboration with a multi-million dollar company. Sure there’s been similar stories before these guys, but it’s not often that someone sits down with a designer and makes something that doesn’t look like a turd. I think the ever annoying Kanye West did well with the Yeezy, and I think the Ransom guys hit the nail on the head with their range.

I’ll admit straight up that the “Pier” shoe doesn’t appeal to me at all, but the other three styles I can fully appreciate for their aesthetic appeal. The “Summit” boot is pointless to even talk about because I don’t wear boots and I probably wont in the near future, but the tan suede version looks luuuush. I think that the Creek shoe looks good for what it is, especially in its black iteration. For me though the highlight of the collection is the Dune boot, obviously inspired from the classic Clarks Desert Boot. It looks wicked in all 5 versions, but the blue, orange and black are my personal picks. I’m a bit disappointed to not see a tan or sand suede version though, I think that Ransom’s take on this style teams well with the Campus 80’s sole and they really have made a great alternative to the oh-so-expensive Common Projects Desert Boot.

Sneaker Freaker have a really good interview with the Ransom guys about this very project on their site, if you are at all interested (if you read my blabbering I’m sure that means you were, whether you still are is another thing though) you can check it out here.

Ransom’s new range also just dropped at Hanon so check that out as well, some nice stuff.

Pics via Mark Bedford.


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