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Twizzy’s Top Ten – 07.10.2009 by Matt

It’s time again to whip out the scissors and glue to make up a collage ’cause it’s Twizzy’s Top Ten!

1. Singer Design Porsche 911

Taking the retro cool looks of the original 911 Porsche and updating it in a fashion that isn’t too gaudy. Aside from maybe the headlights I think this is a wicked modernisation of a classic Porsche. The upside is that if you squint really hard it almost looks like a brand new 997! Gotta love those lazy Germans.

You can read a run-down of the car and check out a hi-res gallery over at Autoblog.

2. Crooked Tongues Rod Laver Consortium Report

With the rate adidas is cranking out the consortium releases you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Rod Laver pack was dropped years ago. The lads at Crooked Tongues sat down with nearly all of the partners involved in the project and discussed their adaptations of this classic silhouette. Aim your mouse pointer here to check out the report.

3. Nose Projects New Balance 670

New Balance has been cranking out the collaborations the last few years, which has resulted in a dilution of the ‘special’ feel of them. Low and behold Norse Projects come out with a simple yet effective colourway highlighted by some great material choices. Lush suede, check; 3M Scotchlite, check; classic simple mesh, check. Just a pitty the 670 model was used, it’s not my most favourite shoe in the NB lineup and it reeks havoc on my knees for some reason.

If you’re interested though, Hanon will be stocking them.

4. Toki Doki Karl Lagerfeld

I’m not a toy guy, I’ve never really got the idea of it. Once I saw this though, I couldn’t help but giggle. It’s uncle Karl, but in mini form. Everything’s there and he’s ready to ruin your self esteem.

5. BMW 3.0CSL

Just though I’d remind everyone just how badass this car was and still is. Built back when manufacturers actually made cars to go racing. Rules stated that the car needed to be homologated with certain parts of the bodykit, so what’d BMW do? Why they put them in the boot to be put on at the owner’s discretion of course!

6. Chinese 60th Anniversary Celebrations

What would a communist regime be without celebrations of immense military might? Check out The Big Picture and marvel at the insanity that is the Chinese demand for perfection… I know I sat slack jawed for a good 10 minutes. Truly mind boggling stuff, but I suppose you need to look the part when you own the U.S.

Taz edit!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

7. The Art of Mauro Perucchetti

I don’t consider myself to be any kind of art aficionado, but I know what I like. Mauro Perucchetti’s work falls under this category. I know art’s very subjective and interpretive, but on the same note I like something to be aesthetically pleasing. This stuff does both for me. You can check out his website with some nice shots of his work here.

8. Lamborghini Estoque

Caught in the wild. There’s actually very little more to report other than this being the first time the Estoque has braved the outside world in public. I personally think this is the best adaptation of the large 4 seat supercars that have popped up the last year. Very reminiscent of the brilliant Espada as seen for the first time in the flesh by myself at the Noosa Classic which we reported on last week.

9. Honda CRZ

Yes another car. This time it’s in a different light though. The little Honda CRZ (offspring no doubt of the famous CRX) could be one of the best eco-box cars to come out since the Fiat 500 and new-gen Honda Civic. The difference being it bypasses the affeminate tone of the 500 and its hard edges make even the space-age Civic seem sloppy in design.

Most importantly though is the talk of using a hybrid drivetrain in this little bugger. I personally hate hybrids (they’re a marketing tool and nothing else) but hey, I’d be happy to own one of these. A full electric version would be killer, instant torque and cheap to run. Make it happen Honda! There’s a full report and gallery of the CRZ on Autoblog.

10. Converse x Huf Skidgrip

I quite like these, they’re simple yet interesting. Although I’m usually not one to be drawn to a high cut sneaker, the proportions on this shoe seem to be spot-on. You can still pick up a few leftover pairs from sneakers’n’stuff.

I’m not gonna lie, I had to troll pretty hard to find 10 things that took my interest these past weeks. Until next time though, flippit.


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