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Artist Profile – Squidtank by Taz


We here at P4 dunno shit about art but we know what we like…..Ya Herd! Brisbane based artist Shaun Campbell aka Squidtank has been doing some dope illustrations and canvas’s. We saw some of his work at the Swap & Cop 09 and recently some new stuff on the facebook and we had too holla at him.

We don’t bs around with wanky questions we get straight to the important stuff, real hard hitting journalism Project 4000 style after the jump!

– P4


Favourite Cartoon Show:

I reckon it’d have to be the original series of TMNT. I grew up watching it along with Astroboy, Battle of the Planets, Thundercats, HeMan, Dangermouse etc, but TMNT was something I’d never miss. I can’t imagine how many times I drew those turtles, especially Michaelangelo.

Favourite Super Hero:

I’ve always been a fan of Astroboy, not really sure why though. Pretty sure its not because of the ass guns.


Favourite Super Villain:

Hmmm, I’d have to say Shredder or Skeletor would have to fight it out for that title, mainly because of their designs. Skeletor still looks awesome (really, its pretty hard to go wrong with a skull), and back in the day I thought those forearm and shins blades on Shredder would have been pretty brutal.


Favourite Toys:

When I was a youngster I remember being pretty devastated about losing my Tonto figurine (my bro had The Lone Ranger). As far as new stuff goes I’ve got a pretty sweet chunky Pikachu (big fan of stupidly cute Japanese stuff), and theres been a blank Munny my girl Jacei bought me, thats been staring at me for years now, waiting to be painted ….. one day.

Favourite Store:

I can’t really say I’ve got a fav store, I tend to jump around the place depending on what I’m after. I’m glad there are a few good choices of stores in Brisbane now though.


Favourite album right now:

I haven’t bought music for a while now (been meaning to get the new Hilltop Hoods album and some Cool Kids goodness), but this week I’ve just jumping between a few older favs, The Prodigy’s Experience, Radiohead’s OK Computer, Hilltop Hood’s The Calling and some Scratch Pervert sets. I even threw on some Pantera the other day for laughs.


Favourite Restaurant or Bar in Brisbane:

It’d have to be a tie between Blue Smoke and Arriva Italian. Blue Smoke does the most amazing American style BBQ Chicken Wings n Ribs, while Arriva consistently pump out awesome pizzas. Pizza is definitely my fav food (maybe due to my TMNT obsession when I was younger). Pretty lucky with pizza around here actually, Becofinno and Vespa are both big contenders too, but nothing can beat a Calabrese with no olives from Arriva! While we’re talking food, Big Fortune Chinese deserves a mention, the Squid with Salt n Pepper is unbeatable!!

As far as bars go I don’t head out much these days. Much prefer to drink at home or at mates places, too much stress and anger out there these days. It used to be easy to dodge that sort of scene by sticking to the valley, but thats been spoiled now too. Its pretty lame and disappointing really, or maybe I’m just getting too old. The Alibi Room is nice n close but even then its rare to catch me there.





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