Project 4000 – KEEPING IT A MILLI IN THE 4000

Boredom Pa-Troll – 16.09.2009 by Matt


The last one seemed to get a good reception, so I’ll try and keep doing these as much as I can (decent content permitting)

Hit the jump to see today’s finds…

– t

Dizzee Rascal “Tongue ‘n’ Cheek” Air Max 90 interview via Crooked Tongues, check out an accompanying video here. I’m a fan of Raskit, so it’s probably the fanboy within me that thinks these look pretty swish.


Common Projects Desert Boot in Camel, via Oki-Ni.


Preview of Lancier by Dita. Looking good from the lame teaser pics, but we’ll see.


Commonwealth x Reebok Omni-Lite round 2 (seafoam), now on Commonwealth.


Lamborghini Reventon Roadster, which I’m not sure I like more than the coupe. However, that ass is so hot I couldn’t front on it. Via Jalopnik


The Hundreds is huge, and now they have their own freakin’ magazine! But more importantly, they also have a range of sunglasses dropping, and they’re actually not too bad. I like the squared off shape of them. I chose this pic because it’s less homo than posting pictures of dudes, although this girl does have a bad case of manface…. via Hypebeast


Sneaker Freaker AIAIAI earbuds, pick them up via SF’s online store


N*E*R*D‘s site has a nifty little 8-bit style game. It’s nothing amazing, but it looks nifty and you can waste a few minutes on it.


100% Store‘s LED watch, I’ve been waiting on this since last year. Scheduled to release late 2009 (fingers crossed)


Finally, The Office returns on the 17th. Myself and Taz can’t wait, seriously the best show going around on TV at the moment. Woo!



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Oh dear, i am also quite excited.

Comment by sam


By far the best part of the laced party

Comment by Taz

excellent, haha.

ugh, it’s still not out yet,
i want it now.

Comment by sam

Same, my net cap is shit though so I have to wait until off-peak to download it anyway. BOO!

Comment by twizm

the dizzee’s are dope. shame about limited quantity bullshit as always

Comment by james

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