Project 4000 – KEEPING IT A MILLI IN THE 4000

Brisbane Status Update – QBE River Fire Festival by Taz
September 13, 2009, 1:07 pm
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“Brisvegas” is the worst nick name for the centre of the 4000, but once a year it actually resembles that moniker. The whole town got lit up for the annual QBE River Fire Festival, the city was looking gorgeous and we were there to get some happy snaps to share with you as a part of our Field Trip this weekend.


– P4

Dinner First – Dos Amigos – Oxley

This place sucked in comparison to El Toro in Westend, it was typically no offence “Whitey” mexican, pathetic but we were starving. Note the creepiness of the photo the positioning of the hands and the unusually big boob.

Train Ride – Towoong to Central

We seldom use public transport but we had already clocked over 300 km and it was ridiculously busy last night cause everybody was excited to get to the Riverside to catch a glimpse of the lights and fireworks. It was not fun catching the train but neither was it boring, some dude asked for the time and then afterwards came back threatening to fight us if we laugh at him and told us he just wanted to be friends…Lovely who knew there were sensitive bogans. No doubt it was a crazy night at the discotheques. But we had other things on our mind like learning every single function of our Nikon D90, cause we are shithouse at it.

Last Stop – City

We finally made it into town but by the time we got everyone was in a mad rush to head home, but I think we managed to get some decent photos considering our lack of skill.


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I like the last photo of the wheel.

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