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PSA – Stop The Abuse If You Love H.E.R. by Taz
September 9, 2009, 11:30 pm
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BP3This started off a Blueprint 3 review and I figured before I gave my judgement I was gonna try to do some research on the album. I started reading some online and newspaper reviews by a bunch of douche bag ivory tower power nerd wackberry tote toting wayfarer wearing nylon reading vans wearing redbull drinking indie hiphop nerd youtube shooting type…bloggers. Most of them expertly giving track by track breakdown of what references are wrong, what sample is blasphemous and what lyrics aren’t upto par.

So I thought instead I’m gonna address this critical analysis fuckery, like straight up fuckery that these educated HipHop nerds spat out like they themselves actually make music. How about you try write a hit, try make a beat and try saying something original.

– taz

I’m not expecting anyone to read this nor respond to this but the rest of the 458 word rant after the jump.

Fuck outta here with your, “Yo none of this shit is as good as the old stuff or the artist no ones ever heard of but me”. Those dudes back in the day worked hard to make a sound that was original and authentic. Their time, their art, their music, their city, their dance, their stance influenced every single aspect of their music. How can you even demand someone recreate something like that without being in that moment, the era, that neighbour hood?

Another point why do these new artists get coined as “Hipster Rappers”, just cause they look like and wear the same brands every other fly kid does? Do you remember the 80s? the 90s? Fila? Kani? Fubu? Gucci? Polo? Pelle Pelle? Posting up on a corner just to floss? Dressing everyday just to be the fly guy on the block? Just taking some fly obscure shit just to make it look good? Shieeet I’m gonna stop right there.

Just cause your favourite artist has new influences, doesn’t make them a sellout, it means they live with open eyes and open minds. How can music be inspirational, aspirational, cultural and spiritual and be demanded to remain stagnant at the same time?

All you children need to drop down off your high chairs and accept things done grown up and evolved, almost the whole world is into the genre you once held as sacred. Tolerance, evolution, and diversity, just as it is important in the environment and culture, it is important in the sustainability of Hip Hop, all versions of it even ones you don’t particularly like.

This is my request to you take your time with your music appreciate what it has given to you. There is enough content out there right now! to quench your thirst for that realness that ugly face scrunched up head bop, something to lean too, something to snap too, something to pop your booty or something just to sit back to smoke your favourite herb too…that you and every other fan out there craves.

Stop the abuse if you still love H.E.R.

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Thank you Taz! Someone said it right! I couldn’t agree more.

Comment by Erin

where to begin.. lool

Comment by james

I think we should expect magic from Jay-Z, and criticise him when he doesn’t deliver, because we know what he’s capable of (i.e. American Gangsta).

Comment by Anton Trees

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