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SF Puma Blaze Of Glory – Re-Stock! by Taz
August 6, 2009, 8:54 pm
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Both colorways of the Sneaker Freaker x Puma Blaze Of Glory are available in a full size run on PickYourShoes right now…yea go figure on the price though but if you missed out this might be your last change to nab your self a pair.

– taz

Thanks to the friendly tipster named Fatty no relation to me.


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price is crazyyyyy.

would rather wait for a pair for a decent price.

good looks on the link as well. have added y’all back

Comment by jamesyo

jamesyo!….. :) How are you my QLD brutha?

Yes price is indeed crazy.
Not as crazy as my price for them.

Size 9 worn 3 times $250 AUD shipped to your door in Australia only..

they have been on my god like feet for at least 1 hour each wear so you know they have been graced and are a one of a kind. Plus I have been given “e-props,” each time I’ve posted pics of me wearing them. :P

As you know “e-props,” are priceless and I am offering the “e-props,” as well as the super dooper kicks to you people of the internets for a low low crazy price of $250 AUD shipped to your door (in aus only)..

Holla… after this comment if you are cool. pics supplied on demand

Comment by kangs

I think we’re gonna have to charge you an advertising fee if you sell them.

Comment by twizm

Not a problem mate :)
I will reimburse you by shouting you some chow after the nb x laced release.

Comment by kangas

too bad they aren’t a size bigger, otherwise i would probably get them from you.

Comment by jamesyo

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