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Stuntin Saturday Night @ Empire by Taz
July 25, 2009, 1:42 am
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Our friend Hans DC from Melbourne flew up to Brisbane just to heat up the Empire! Played a solid set and the crowd  lapped it up, I personally had a sweet fucking time with the bar tab getting on my lean. We put together a little sneak preview of ermmm… Sneakers for the Swap & Cop the proceeding day.

– taz

More photos after the jump the one of Twizzy is a pearler and no doubt will double… nay triple his internet fame.


Chris put together this night did a bang up job!


Our first caption contest! Post your entry in the comment box feel free to add an eye patch and a mustache! You’re chance to win a copy of Sneaker Freaker Magazine!


Action shot of me calling Twizzy a s*** c*** for being useless with a camera.


Flash dance action shot!


Uncle Hans gets busy!

More shots from The Empire website








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Ma children need wiiiiine.

Comment by twizm

no twizm photo will ever compare to the fridge and hat flick

Comment by james

I had the hat, but left it in the hotel room! Taz also spotted a homeless dude wearing it in the city last week. Needless to say, the guy obviously had swagger.

Comment by twizm

i still have that pic

Comment by lukenstein

Why is Taz such a fat loser? He needs to stop watching UFC like the fag he is and get rid of that titty fat

Comment by dosomefuckingexcercise

Ahhh you u know exactly what a boy likes to hear…SWOOON

Thanks for checkin the blog

Comment by Taz

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